All About Routes

This video gives you everything you need to become a MapAnything route planning champion!

You can watch the video in its entirety or view select chapters based upon your specific interests. Here is a chapter breakdown:

1. Default Settings: Review the default settings and learn how to change them.

2. Build a Time-Based Route: Plan out your entire day in MapAnything - enter appointment start times, meeting durations and optimize to ensure you won't be late for anything.

3. Build a Route Using Mass Actions: Streamline route planning by using the Mass Actions feature to add multiple prospects to a route at once.

4. Create a Route for a Team Member: Learn how to build routes for others and quickly share them in MapAnything.

5. Viewing Saved Routes: Access and view your saved routes in MapAnything.

6. Creating a Route with Existing Salesforce Events: Create a route by importing your Salesforce events into MapAnything.

7. Utilizing Waypoints: Learn to designate waypoints as start and end locations. See how you can remove them from the map and drag them to new locations on the map.

8. Printing and Emailing Routes: Get insight into print and email options for your routes.